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Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions for suppliers.
The supplier shall use the following guidelines to determine the quality code and documentation requirements
for each shipment to Charles Meisner, Inc. All applicable requirements must be ''flowed down to any sub-tier
suppliers''. In the event that you don't understand or can not comply with any of these requirements, you must
notify the Charles Meisner, Inc. Buyer immeadiatly. Failure to comply with the imposed clauses may result in
rejection by Charles Meisner, Inc.
Raw Material: clauses 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, & 14
Commercial / Off the shelf parts: clauses # 5, 6, 13, & 14
Machined/ Sheetmetal Fabricated Parts: clauses # 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, & 14
Outside Processing: 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, & 14
Limited Shelf Life Materials: 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14
Clauses 1 through 4 apply only when indicated on the Purchase Order. In the event that any of
these requirements can not be met, you must notify the Charles Meisner, Inc. Buyer immeadiatly.
Clause 1 Department Of Defense Source Inspection Required
Government Source inspection is required prior to shipment of product from your facility.
Clause 2 CMI Source Inspection Required
All work being performed under this Purchase order requires Charles Meisner, Inc. inspection / verification at the
vendors facility. Please notify the buyer at least 2 business days prior to the item being source inspected.
Clause 3 First Article Part Inspection Required
The supplier must submitt a sample first article part ( with all inspection paperwork ) prior to manufacturing
production items. The supplier is to notify CMI 2 business days in advance for approval and examination. Charles
Meisner, Inc., at its discretion, may examine the finished part at CMI's receiving inspection area or at the suppliers
Clause 5 Product Nonconformance
Any items, materials or products not conforming to the requirements of this purchase order, subcontract, specification,
or drawings etc. shall not be reworked and or shipped to CMI without the prior written approval of CMI's Quality
Asurance Department. The supplier must submit a request for a Nonconforming Material Review. The supplier shall
describe the nonconformance in full detail, itemizing the quantity of parts involved, the cause and corrective action to
prevent recurrence. Failure to comply with this clause will result in the product being returned to the supplier at their
expence and affect their supplier rating.
Clause 6 Certificate of Conformance, Traceability & Record Retention
Supplier shall provide a Certificate of Conformance and as applicable, any other supporting documentation with each
shipment. Supplier shall maintain on file all quality records/data such as; material certifications, process and or
acceptance test results, inspection records, and any other applicable quality control data, for a minimum of ( 10 )
years from completion of this purchase order. These records shall be used as objective evidence of quality assurance
operations performed to permit tracability of the delivered items, and or service back through its manufacturing,
inspection and or processing. These records must be readily retrievable and made available to CMI and or its customer
upon request. After the minimum retention period, any blueprints or ITAR, EAR sensitive information shall be either
returned to CMI, or destroyed by any means to prevent unintentional public exposure.
Clause 7 Special Process Certification
Special Processing suppliers such as ( plating, heat treating, NDT, welding, chemical filming, ect.) are responsible
for compliance to all applicable specifications, whether the operation is performed in house or at a subcontractors
facility. Supplier's Processing Certification must identify the vendor performing said special process, provide actual
data from the verification process, reference any applicable specifications and be signed by an authorized Quality
Assurance person.
Clause 8 Material Test Reports
The supplier shall submit a chemical and or physical test report per the applicable specification for the materials
shipped under this order. This report must include actual test results from samples of this specific lot of material.
Clause 9 Inspection and Test Reports
The supplier shall maintain on file evidence of inspection and acceptance test data repesenting the actual data captured
during the verification/validation process per the applicible specification for the items shipped on this order. These
records must be readily retrievable and made available to CMI and or its customer upon request. When a CMM is used
for verification/validation, the CMM report must be included with the shipment.
Clause 10 Shelf Life Materials
The supplier shall state, in writing, the manufacturing date, shelf life, and expiration date for all limited shelf life items
under this order. All items must have 75% or more of their shelf life remaining at the time of shipment to CMI. All items
shall be packaged, labeled and transported per their applicable regulatory requirements.
Clause 11 Supplier notice of Change
The supplier shall provide written notification to CMI's Buyer prior to the changes to the supplier's management
(ownership ), location of manufacturing (plant location ) supplier part configuration. (design, shape or function )
Clause 4 Key Characteristics (Applies only when identifed on purchase order or part drawing )
Charles Meisner, Inc.
Clause 12 Right of Entry
Buyer shall have the right to enter seller's plant at all reasonable times to perform any or all of the following:
1)To verify documentation and or processes.
2)conduct inspection and / or testing of products as required.
Buyers prime contractor retains the same right of entry as does Charles Meisner, Inc.
UPDATED 02/27/2018
Dimensions on this order have been identified as containing Key Characteristics. They have an impact on fit,
performance, and service of the finished product. The supplier shall implement and maintain a process control program
to manage variation of these characteristics and ensure conformance and continous improvement in accordance with
AS9103 or equivalent.
Space, &
Defense Products
Clause 13 Counterfeit Raw Materials / Hardware
CMI will not accept any counterfeit material and or hardware. Any materials, or hardware must be procured through
authorized distributers or the original manufacturers. Any counterfeit hardware / materials received will be impounded
by CMI and replaced at vendor / suppliers cost. Due to recent events, until further notice, any raw material (aluminum
or copper )produced at Kobe Steel, will be no longer accepted.
Clause 14 Supplier Code of Conduct
CMI suppliers and their personnel or representatives are aware of their contribution to CMI's product or service
conformity; and product safety. CMI and it's Suppliers shall strive to conduct their businesses in accordance with the
highest standards of ethical behavior.